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Hürriyet / Adnan Kaya "The 17th International Ayvalık Olive Harvest Festival was celebrated this year."

How can you go to Ayvalık for the harvest and not write about it?

I am sure that many of you have followed this event, which was held between 3-4-5-6 November, either from the print and visual media or from social media.

Therefore, in order to avoid repetition, I would like to share my observations in small notes instead of writing the activities spread over 4 days one by one.

* First of all, the new team that took office after the change of flag at the Chamber of Commerce has achieved great things in a short period of 20 days.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, especially President Ali Uçar.

* This year, Kırlangıç Life Centre was preferred for events and stands.

I don't know if the bazaar shopkeepers would agree, but I think it was a more realistic choice compared to the past.

As someone who has been writing for years, "I think Ayvalık, Ayvalık residents and guests deserve an event space where they can promote and buy their products in a wider area", I can say that after narrow alleyways and Büyük Park, which is far from the centre, I think the right address has finally been found.

(By the way, while many of the local brands and Komili, one of the big ones, opened a stand, I regretted on behalf of the sector that Tariş, Kristal and Yudum, which are identified with this region, were absent this year).

* The moderator of the only panel on olive and olive oil within the framework of the festival, Prof. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya and Mehmet Cavlı, who conveyed unique information, most of which we heard for the first time, constantly interrupted them and did not allow the participants to ask questions, which was perhaps the only drawback of this year's event.

* Again, my eyes searched for the people who sparked the organisation, took active part in it and helped it reach today, but there was no one except İbrahim Kantarcı (or I couldn't see him).

* Among those I could not see were my colleagues who shed light on the sector with their news and articles on olives and olive oil.

-I don't know how the selection of the invited members of the press, including myself, is made, but it would certainly be useful to review the lists.

* The sectoral meeting at Yeşil İnci Topçu Farm on the third day of the festival was, as they say, 10 number 5 stars with the choice of location, presentation, stands, kitchen workshop and the treats offered.

* At the gala dinner held at Çamlık 87 Hotel on Saturday evening, Arzu Acurol made us eat our fingers.

Especially the appetiser made of fresh figs and roasted aubergine, I think it will remain in our taste memory for a long time.

* At this point, I cannot pass without sharing an observation.

I cannot understand why there is no olive oil on the tables in Ayvalık and Cunda (including the places where we were hosted for 3 nights).

I don't understand why, in a place with so many brands, there are not a few bottles of oil pressed from different kinds of olives on the tables.

With so many guests, what better way to get publicity?

- "This appetiser is made with x brand of olive oil, this flavour is made with x brand of olive oil", can't they prepare little notes and leave them on the tables?

This shouldn't be so hard to do.

We have finally learnt to produce, but we are still very weak in marketing.

* As a last word, I have a request from the committee members:

Please start working now for the coming harvest.

Write a new story for Ayvalık, which introduced Turkey to the olive harvest festival.

Ensure that the so-called large producers are also involved in this organisation.

Because the closed-circuit harvest events they organised 10-15 days before you and their reflections in the press leave nothing but crumbs for the Ayvalık Festival, which has now become a brand.

Also, since this is an international event, please have more foreign guests and speakers.

Hope to see you in a renewed harvest next year...

Let's consume olive oil, let's stay healthy!


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