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Olive Production and Pressing

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As Zeytin Akademi, our mission is simple. In the chaos of modern life, we teach our producers step by step how to produce exquisite olive oil under varying conditions. To do this, we design application profiles that promote the journey from soil to fruit. With over 30 years of experience and research, we extract unique oils from naturally and conventionally produced olives. Each product not only provides a distinct flavor but also connects you to the environment we all share. We understand that what is good for you is also good for the world. With this goal in mind, we conduct specialized R&D studies on olives and olive cultivation to discover what is better.

Prof. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya

Areas of expertise

Olive Cultivation

Fruit Harvest

Before Pressing the Olive Fruit

Extraction Process

Storage conditions


"Is olive oil consumed like fruit juice?"

"Olive oil is a fruit oil. Due to its processing through physical methods, it retains the characteristic of fruit juice. When the minor components in the olive fruit transform into oil, a very valuable golden liquid is obtained through a process that requires attention and care at each stage. In this way, a consumable form is created."

- Doc. Dr. M.T.Özkaya

"Is olive oil used as a dietary supplement?"

"Olive is a fruit with preventive properties against diseases due to its minor components.

Its content includes phenolic compounds, tocopherols, vitamin A, iron, calcium, and hydrocarbons. Obtaining oil without losing these compounds involves proper harvesting of olives, pressing with correct temperature values and techniques, machine hygiene, and making the right choices during storage. Olive oils obtained in this way are flawless. They can be consumed daily, similar to medicine, with a spoon."

- Doc. Dr. M.T.Özkaya

"How much heat can olive oil withstand?"

"In its research, the International Olive Council emphasizes that olive oil is one of the most resilient oils with a boiling point of 220 degrees, and it is rare in its ability to maintain its structure even at this temperature.

Is frying with olive oil healthy? We don't have detailed research on this matter, but we know that olive oil is the most protective oil at high temperatures."

- Doc. Dr. M.T.Özkaya

"Is olive oil used in every dish?"

"You can use olive oil in sautéing, frying, grilling, baking, and in all cooking methods you can think of. Olive oil allows the ingredients in the dish to absorb the added spices, enhances the flavors of starters, and gives desserts a light and irresistible taste."

- Chef Musa Dağdeviren

"Are olive oil dishes heated?"

"Unlike all other oils, olive oil


is highly resistant to heat. Therefore, using olive oil for heating or in hot dishes is very healthy. When heated normally, olive oil preserves the health-promoting minor components in its content. Excessive heating causes the minor components to evaporate, but unlike other oils, it does not quickly turn into trans fat as it does not burn rapidly. It safely maintains its structure."

- Chef Şemsa Denizsel

"Zeytinyağı kaç dereceye kadar ısıtılır?"

"The International Olive Council states in its research that olive oil has a boiling point of 220 degrees Celsius, making it one of the most durable oils that can maintain its structure even at this temperature. We do not make any claims regarding whether frying is beneficial to health or not."

- Doc. Dr. M.T.Özkaya


"Have you ever tasted real olive oil?"

"Have you ever cooked with flawless olive oil?"

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