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The Effects of Various Processes on the Endogenous Carbohydrate Content

Semi-hardwood cuttings of Gemlik (easy to root) and Domat (hard to root) olive varieties, one of the most important black and green olive varieties in Turkey, were treated with rooting enhancers and placed in a Shaded Polyethylene Tunnel (SPT). )

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

for 90 days. at December 15, samples from the SPT were collected and examined for endogenous carbohydrate levels (total sugar and starch). The wood, cortex and leaves of each section were analyzed separately. The total sugar content was higher overall in Domat. 1994 (the "open" year) and 909. the steelers on the day, 1995 ("closed" year) and 15th respectively. they had less total sugar compared to those on a daily basis. The processes did not have a significant effect on the total sugar content of the steels. The highest sugar content was observed in the leaves.


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