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The book Introduction "Olive Oil" is on the air...

OLIVE OIL" is a book prepared at a level that can appeal to producers, industrialists, merchants and exporters who work one-on-one in the olive industry, as well as academics, students and all olive friends who are interested in olives and olive oil.

Although the book contains only topics related to olive oil, it provides information on how best to grow the olive, which is its source, and examines the place of olive oil in the world and in the economy of our country. For this reason, in addition to being a technical book, it has the characteristics of an application book.

The sections of the book on the relationship of olive oil with health and its use in Turkish cuisine constitute the part of the book aimed at consumers of this valuable oil, which is little consumed in our country. The book ”OLIVE OIL" also aims to close the gap in Turkish resources, which is insufficient in our country, which has an important place in olive growing and olive oil production.


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