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Some Chemical In Turkey Yellow Ulak Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oils During 12-Month Storage...

In this study, Turkish monocultivary extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)“Sarı Ulak” was extracted using a Mobile Olive Oil Processing Unit (Jul Oliomio 500-2GV, Italy). Changes in minor and major components and quality characteristics, free fatty acid content, peroxide value and UV absorbance value were studied during a one-year storage period.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

Samples of ”Yellow Messenger" olive oil are classified as EVOO according to International Olive's trading standards. Council (IOC) based on free fatty acid, peroxide value, K232 and ΔK values up to the eighth month of storage period. The results showed that the UV absorbance values changed during storage, and the color values of EVOO gradually changed from green to yellow. The total polyphenol content of extra virgin olive oil decreased from 205.17 ppm to 144.29 ppm during one year of storage. Luteolin was the most abundant phenolic compound and its concentration changed from 184.33 ppm to 115.06 ppm. The concentration of apigenin Decayed between 2.67 and 1.06 ppm during storage. the initial level of α-tocopherol content was 184.51 ppm, while it decreased to 147 ppm at the end of the storage period. after 12 months of storage, about 20% of the α-tocopherol content was destroyed. As expected, the amounts of phenolic and tocopherol isomers decreased during storage.


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