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SABAH "’Olive oil for health' recommendation from Ankara University"

Assoc., known as ”Olive Baba". Dr. Taha Özkaya said that due to the inability to produce cheap olive oil, they may turn to the health sector.

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Department of Horticulture Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Mujahid Taha Özkaya stated that high income can be obtained in production with the slogan 'Olive oil for health'. Assoc. stating that many health problems from cancer to ulcers, from helicobacteria to gastritis can be prevented with olive oil. Dr. Özkaya said, "It will be consumed regularly every morning with a tablespoon half an hour before breakfast and/or 1 tablespoon at bedtime in the evening. Olive oil is a very important product for preventive medicine,"he said.


?Assoc. who has done important studies on olive growing in Turkey and is also known as 'Olive Father' in the sector. Dr. Özkaya stated that Spain is making progress in the gourmet sector with a cheap cost in olives and Italy, while Turkey should be aiming at different targets. Özkaya said, "The amount of vegetable oil produced in the world is 194 million tons. Only 3 million tons of this is olive oil. If you give 10 liters per man, there is enough olive oil for a population of 300 million. Mediterranean countries already produce 90-95 percent of the olive oil produced in the world. 75 Percent of the total olive oil consumption takes place in the countries that make this production. The remaining 25 percent is exported to rich countries. We can't produce cheap olive oil, Spain produces it cheaper than us. We can't enter the gourmet sector, Italy is number 1 in the gourmet sector. Then I should enter the health sector,"he said.


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