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Phenolic Compounds in the Analysis of Qualitative Cuts of Olives

cvs segments. Gemlik and Domat were placed in a Shaded Polyethylene Tunnel (SPT) after various rooting processes. Samples for all varieties and treatments were collected from the SPT at December 15, and the wood, cortex and leaves of each cut were separated and prepared for analysis.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

Qualitative analysis of phenolic compounds in each part of the sections was performed using thin layer chromatography (TLC) method. The TLC plates were examined with a video documentation system and the results were quantified using a bitmap-densitometric graphical analysis system. a greater concentration of chlorogenic acid (CA) was present in all parts of the segments of the CV. Domat is more than on the CV. Gemlik. All applications of both varieties were carried out during the second sampling period in 1995 (30. day) showed a strong decrease in CA condensation,


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