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Olive Oil Protects Oxidative Damage by Improving Mitochondrial Functions in Human Keratinocytes...

The balanced presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids and specific bioactive components of high polyphenol extra virgin olive oil (HP-EVOO) results in the putative health benefit. Enrichment of its major polyphenols has been shown to protect against oxidative damage and improve mitochondrial dysfunction.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

We investigated the effect of different concentrations of HP-EVOO applications on mitochondrial functions and antioxidant defense status on human keratinocyte cells (HaCaT) under H2O2-induced stress conditions. Our data showed that HP-EVOO had significant antioxidant capacity, especially in the 2%, 5%, and 10% HP-EVOO groups (p = 0.000) under H2O2 toxicity. Mitochondrial gradients for ATP production were preserved by the increase in mitochondrial membrane potential (MMP) with 2% (p = 0.001), 5% (p = 0.000), 10% (p = 0.003) EVOO application,


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