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Olive and Olive Oil Food Routes in Anatolia (Olive and Olive Oil Food Routes in

Vegetable oil production in the world is about 195 million tons, of which olive oil accounts for only 3 million tons. Olive oil is produced very little due to the fact that it is obtained from the fruit of a perennial tree and this tree has some special climatic requirements and genetic characteristics.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

In other words, this amount will only be enough for 300 million people living in the world if the average annual consumption per capita is 10 liters. Turkey is lucky because it is located on the Mediterranean coastline, is rich in olive gene resources and is one of the most important olive and olive oil producing countries in the world. In particular, Turkish olive varieties, whose health components have superior properties, should be introduced both nationally and internationally. In this promotion, it is important to get support from the tourism sector and to draw the “olive oil meals route” as a tool. In this study, the journey of registered Turkish olive varieties adapted to the regions that started from the Marmara Region ended in the Southeastern Region. On this trip, it is aimed to provide recognition and awareness by accompanying olive varieties with local olive oil dishes.


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