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Nutrient Intake in Different Vaccine Combinations on the Gemlik Olive Variety

Due to the problems experienced in the gardens established in very different ecologies with the Gemlik olive variety, requests for variety replacement with dialing vaccine have started to come from producers.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

In this study, the varieties of Gemlik, Memecik and Nizip Yağlik vaccinated on the Gemlik mother were examined and the change in nutrient intake was determined in different vaccine combinations. According to the results of plant nutrient analyses conducted on the leaves of the Gemlik olive variety on the vaccine combinations and its own root, significant differences were found between all vaccine combinations on Gemlik, including the Gemlik variety, in terms of the proportions and amounts of all plant nutrients. Decoction of the vaccine on Gemlik. Nizip yağlik/Gemlik vaccine combination showed the lowest amounts in terms of nitrogen, potassium and zinc. When we compare the Memecik/Gemlik combination with the Nizip Yağlik/Gemlik combination, it has been observed that the zinc, manganese, boron and potassium contents of the leaves are higher. As a result, it has been determined that when the Nizip Oilcloth variety is vaccinated on Gemlik, there may be problems in the vaccine area and this causes the permeability of nutrients to be affected.

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