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NEWS FROM AGRICULTURE "Urbanization negatively affects olive production"

Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture Bahçeki Plant Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Mujahid Taha Özkaya pointed out that the olive grove areas remained idle due to migration to the city and changing hands through inheritance.

Assoc.Prof. who participated in the olive and olive oil workshop organized in Edremit district of Balıkesir. Dr. Mujahid Taha Özkaya said, "These are valid not only for olive groves, but in many agricultural areas. The same goes for nuts. The same is true in many agricultural areas. It is a separate problem that the elderly in the village cannot take care of. There were incidents such as the fact that young people who had emigrated from the village or those who had emigrated from the village were not sold again, the father's or grandfather's land was not taken care of, or given to the farmer because the garden remained unclaimed. When we take all this into account, the offers come. "Teacher, what am I going to do there are 500 trees. I can't take care of this. I gave it to the half. He gave me two tins of oil." He's not looking either. Medications, diseases, a lot of problems are occurring. The same goes for other plantations. Then we need to find a serious solution to this. He can't sell, he doesn't sell, or he's stuck in a split, then there's a problem. The solution to this is the establishment of maintenance companies engaged in professional agricultural production, agricultural production, agricultural engineers can establish a company when this is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture. From pruners, sprayers, tillers, till tillers, who will work in maintenance companies, the fact that the team is certified and certified will come to the fore. In such a company, when the ministry gives approval, he will go to the manufacturer and say. "We have such a service." The manufacturer will say, "I need a pruning element. I want to get the pruning service." He will say that he wants to get pruning service, medicine service, harvest service and sort it out. Or he will say, "I'm not in a position to do anything about it. I'm renting it to you for 29 years or 49 years." Thus, the owner of the garden will be a professional company for a certain period. Or we will provide technical support to the manufacturer who makes the production. Not just technical support, but one-on-one application. It's just like renting a combine harvester. We would have increased the efficiency and quality in such a service,"he said.


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