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Molecular Characterization of Native Olive Genotypes from South Anatolian Forests...

Turkey, the world's largest olive (Olea europeaea L.) is one of its producers, and the country has a wide variety of olive germplasm, including local genotypes, local varieties and standard varieties.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

However, there is very little information about the genetic structure of local olive genotypes, which are widely grown in Turkey, especially in the southern Anatolia region. We examined the genetic kinship of 58 local Turkish olive genotypes sampled from the forests of Şırnak province located in southern Anatolia to evaluate genetic diversity and kinship using 10 SSR (simple sequence repetition) markers previously developed for olives and widely used in different laboratories. olive. 4 foreign varieties introduced in the study and 6 well-known standard Turkish varieties were also included in the SSR analysis in order to make comparisons with local genotypes. Allele diversity ranges from 8 (UDO9) to 24 (DCA9), (DCA18) and …


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