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Antalya Commodity Exchange (ATB) continues its efforts to re-brand olive oil, called 'golden liquid', which dates back to the Pamphylia period, in the region.

The 'Project for Determining the Local Differences of the Rabbit's Heart Olive Varieties, Beylik and Black Olives Grown in Antalya Province, in a Way That Can Form the Basis for a Geographical Indication', carried out by Borsa, which has put the issue on its scientific agenda, has entered its second year. ATB, Ankara University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Horticulture, Assoc. Dr. With the project he carried out with Mücahit Taha Özkaya, he aims to determine the biochemical and sensory differences of 'Tavşan Yüreği' olive variety, 'Beylik' and 'Karazeytin' olive types grown in Antalya. The stock exchange also sends olive oil samples of the harvested olives to Spain and has them analyzed in detail in terms of health components.

Detailed analysis in Spain

ATB Chairman of the Board of Directors, Ali Çandır, said that the Mediterranean is the homeland of olives and olive oil. Pointing out that Antalya is one of the important centers of olive and olive oil trade dating back to the Pamphylia period, Çandır said, "As the stock exchange, we aim to bring the olives and olive oil in our region to the place they deserve both in terms of production amount and commercially." Çandır said that they are also working on the acceptance of the Beylik olive as a variety. Stating that the olive oil obtained from the products in question is estimated to be of 'medicinal' quality, Çandır said that in order to prove this scientifically, Assoc. Stating that they worked together with Taha Özkaya, Çandır stated that they had the olive oils obtained from 'Rabbit Heart' and 'Beylik' olives analyzed in Spain and said, "Our teacher will make an evaluation according to the report from Spain. The health value of these products will be revealed through our studies." spoke.

In these lands for 6 thousand years

Working in collaboration with ATB, Assoc. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya stated that olives have existed in Anatolian lands for 6 thousand years. Noting that Antalya is an important olive and olive oil center with its unique products, Özkaya explained that they carried out this project to evaluate in more detail the minor components, also called health components, of the products specific to the region. Assoc. Prof. stated that the superior properties of the 'Rabbit Heart' olive oil from the Antalya region were evaluated as a result of the analysis. Dr. Özkaya said, “It was estimated that the oleocanthal (minor components) level in this olive oil may be higher than other varieties. We obtained olive oil by collecting olives from different regions and gardens from Döşemealtı to Manavgat. "We will have these products analyzed in the laboratory of the University of Cordoba in Spain and reveal their oleocanthal levels," he said. Stating that the olive oil obtained from these products can be used as a food supplement if the polyphenol content is high, Associate Professor Özkaya said that the liter of these products can be sold for up to 100 Euros. he stated.


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