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In Vitro Regeneration of Leafless Cuttings of 'Kalamon' and 'Koroneiki' Olive Varieties...

Comparison of the growth and development of two CVS explants. olives ('Kalamon' and 'Koroneiki') are made using quite vigorous shoots from pre-cut trees, sucker shoots, as well as some canopy shoots.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

Regenerative capacity of two CVS. it was significantly different, the 'Calamon' shoots and roots were less able to regenerate. The vitality of the fire had a marked effect on both resumes. the strongest shoots gave the best growth in tissue culture, while the highest rooting percentages were obtained in tissue culture, indicating the most suitable shoots for plant production. This effect may be related to the relative degree of youth of the original cutting material used. It was found that the original shoots of 'Kalamon' kept in water jars formed adventurous roots, while the similar 'Koroneiki' shoots did not.

('Kalamon' and 'Koroneiki') were made using extremely strong shoots from pre-cut trees, sucker shoots...


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