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In the Stem Steels of Olive Varieties That Are Easy to Root (Gemlik) And Difficult to Root (Domat)...

Semi-hardwood steels of Gemlik and Domat, one of the most important black and green olive varieties of Turkey, were treated with IBA or wounding or wounding+IBA and placed in a Shaded Polyethylene Tunnel (SPT) for 90 days.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

samples were collected from SPT at December 15 days and examined for morphological variations in the cuttings during rooting. Anatomical studies in which transverse and longitudinal sections of tissue sections taken from 1 cm above the cutting site were taken. Samples were collected every 15 days during rooting. Morphological differences related to rooting were not observed in histological studies conducted between sample intervals. Decembers were not examined. It has also been observed that sclerenchyma is not the main source of difficulties in rooting the Domat variety. Increases in metabolic activity may cause the formation of calluses rather than root formation.


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