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Histological and Biochemical Determination of Vaccine Incompatibility in Olives

Due to the problems experienced in the gardens established in very different ecologies with the Gemlik olive variety, requests for variety replacement with dialing vaccine have started to come from producers.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

Although it has been reported that there have been no problems with vaccine compatibility between olive varieties, there may be signs of delayed vaccine incompatibility in previous production or research-based vaccinations on Gemlik; the swelling observed at the vaccine site and the development weakness occurring in the variety have made it difficult to make a recommendation to manufacturers waiting for a recommendation for a Decoction vaccine. In this study, Ayvalik, Domat, Gemlik, Memecik, Nizip Yağlik and Yellow Messenger varieties grafted on Gemlik motherstock were examined and compatible or incompatible combinations were determined. It was observed that the vaccine retention rate was the highest in the Memecik olive variety with 77% and the lowest in the Gemlik variety with 48%. According to the two-year results of histological examinations, the entire vaccine …


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