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Gemlik Olives (olea europaea l.) Of Some Foliar Fertilizers Applied at Different Periods in the Variety...

As with olive agents in the world, irrigation and fertilization are generally not performed in the majority of olive trees in our country. In these conditions, effective classical fertilization practices are restricted. In the studies conducted, nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and boron deficiency have been determined in the leaves of olive trees in general.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

However, applications to young leaves significantly increase the risk of tissue damage and the delay in the delivery of nutrients before flowering. There has not been a completely effective method of fertilizing olives from leaves. With multi-mineral foliar fertilizers prepared in olive-specific concentrations containing N, P, K and/or B {(10-33-21+1,8B) and (8-16-40)] containing an adhesive called Fertivant, which is completely organic in its structure, positive effects have been obtained, especially in table olives, improving fruit quality and yield. As a result of this study, P, B and K are painful, especially before flowering; during the small fruit period, it is recommended to apply K-weighted fertilization together.


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