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Effects of Filtration and Storage Time on the Quality of Rabbit's Heart Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Evoo)...

In this study, the effects of filtration and storage time on the chemical composition and sensory profile of extra virgin olive oil obtained from a local olive variety called Tavşan Yüreği grown in Antalya province were investigated.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

The research was carried out during the 2014/2015 harvest period. 'Tavsan Yüreği' olives were collected at the early harvest stage and processed into extra virgin olive oil using a state-of-the-art mobile olive mill (MOM) equipped with a blade crusher, malaxer and 2-phase decanter. During 12 months of storage, changes in free fatty acid composition and peroxide values, UV absorption values, total phenol content, phenolic and tocopherol profiles of filtered (F) and unfiltered (UF) samples were monitored monthly. The results showed that both F and UF olive oil samples were classified as EVOO according to International Olive Council (IOC) standards. Although UF olive oil has higher total phenols…


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