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Determination of Women's Behaviors on the Use of Olive Oil

Olives are grown in many parts of Turkey, and olive oil is widely used, especially in the Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

It is observed that Turkish women who are responsible for family nutrition in Turkey often prefer margarine, butter, animal fats and other vegetable oils to olive oil or do not have sufficient knowledge about how to use olive oil. On the other hand, the most important responsibility for increasing olive oil consumption falls on women. The fact that women are becoming more conscious and the widespread use of olive oil in prepared dishes means that a wider audience from all age groups is becoming more aware of this issue. The use of olive oil by women in the dishes they prepare will both make a big difference in their taste and provide great health benefits.


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