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AYDINLIK “ "We can turn olives into diamonds" The product has minor components for health...


"Turkey has the potential to produce 1 million tonnes of olive oil. If you think about the producer side of this potential, the mountains will be full of olives. This is what I want. Olives grow even in the Sahara desert. If you plant olive trees on mountains and stones, you will get 1 million tonnes of olive oil. Greece is organising an olive oil for health competition in England. In other words, it says, 'I have entered the sector. There are 3 million tonnes of olive oil produced in the world, but if you produce 25 percent, 800 thousand tonnes of olive oil for health, you cannot keep up with the demand. There is a huge market. The amount of vegetable oil consumed by the USA is 15 million tonnes. It imports only 300 thousand tonnes. If the USA sees food supplement olive oil on the shelves, no one can keep it."


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