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SonSöz / Nedim ATİLLA Our lane 'should be olive oil for health'

These are the days when we talk about olives and olive oil the most... And there are so many words to say about olive oil. 

One of the most frequent questions I encounter is "How can we explain the value of olives to people?", followed by "How can we be successful in olive farming?"...
So I asked this question to dear Mücahit Taha Özkaya...
He told me a story:


The child asks his father, "What is the value of olives?"

Instead of answering, the father says, "Take this olive oil to the market, raise two fingers to those who ask the price and do not say anything".
The boy goes to the market and a woman asks him, "How much is this olive oil, I would like to use it for cooking". The boy holds up two fingers.
She says, "Two dollars? I'll take it." The boy returns home and says to his father, "A woman appraised me for two dollars."
This time his father tells the boy to take the olive oil to an olive oil merchant and to raise only two fingers to those who ask the price.
The boy goes to the olive oil merchant and a man says he wants to buy the olive oil.
The kid holds up two fingers. The guy says, "$20? I'll take it." The boy is shocked and runs home. He tells his father, "A man wants to buy this olive oil for 20 dollars."
The father says, "Son, I want you to take this olive oil to a professional olive oil taster. If he asks the price, show him your two fingers." The boy lets the olive oil taster taste the olive oil...
"This olive oil is marvellous. If I want to buy some, how much is it?" The boy holds up two fingers. "$200? I'll take it." The boy doesn't know what to say and runs to his father.
"Dad, a man wants to buy this olive oil for 200 dollars."

The father turns to his son and says: "The value of a thing is realised only by the one who knows its value, and its value is precious to the one who knows it."


Prof. Dr Özkaya says: Although there is very little olive oil subject to foreign trade in the world, most of it is cheap Spanish and/or gourmet Italian olive oil. Our country, which is rich in olive gene resources, should create a different lane by revealing the superior properties of our local varieties (especially in terms of health) and choose the marketing path as "Olive Oil for Health".

Thus, the olive fruit should reach the value it deserves. A similar export model can be created with table olive processing technology with the least loss of health components in the olive fruit.

Olives obtained with the Natural Table Olives processing method, which is among the current table olive production methods, should not be marketed directly but within the "Turkish Breakfast" concept. For this, the process that will start in our hotels should continue with tourism promotions.

Just as corn flakes have been included in our breakfasts with TV films and series, olives should be marketed with the concept of Turkish Breakfast. As a result, the olive sector of our country should be re-planned and should switch to the production and marketing of "Olive Oil for Health" in olive oil and "Turkish Breakfast" in table olives. This is a path we need to take for both our country and humanity.

I had a long talk with the teacher. There is much more to write.

But let's end this article with a wish:

May your lifelong success be as rooted and solid as an olive tree, your happiness be as continuous as a newly sprouting lush olive branch, and your life be healthier and more beautiful with olive oil...


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