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NATIONAL / Sunny Conversations with Güneş Batum...

**National Channel, the popular programme "Sunny Talks with Güneş Batum" met with its viewers on Saturday, 2 December at 17:00.

What is the Importance of Olive Tree? What is the place of olives in the world and in Turkey? Olive and Health. What is the Effect of Olive on Our Health? The Miraculous Aspect of Olive Oil! Carefully Produced Olive Oil Creates Botox Effect! Strategic Importance of Olive! Olive Tree with Thousands of Years of Secret! What is the Place of Olive in the World and Turkey? Are Olives Protected by Special Laws in Turkey Sufficiently Valued? Sustainability in Olives! How can we protect our olive groves more? What is the place of olives in the economy? Is the Target in Palestine Both Oil and Olives? How to Ensure Food Security? What is the Strategic Importance of Olives at this Point? Is There a Climate Crisis? What Does Imperialism Aim by Calling Climate Crisis? Why have we moved away from agriculture? Can We Utilise the Endemic Flora of Our Country?

sağlıklı yaşamın ve beslenmenin önemli unsurlarından biri olan Zeytin ve Zeytinyağı
Sunny Conversations with Güneş Batum...

In the programme, Olive and Olive Oil, one of the important elements of healthy life and nutrition, was discussed. Among the guests of the programme were experienced presenter Güneş Batum and Ankara University Faculty Member and Programme Doctor Mücahit Taha Özkaya. Viewers are promised a pleasant hour with information and experiences from experts.


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