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Morphology, pomology, fatty acid by SSR-based molecular analysis of Şanlıurfa olive genotypes...

In this study, it was aimed to select superior genotypes from the olive populations of Şanlıurfa provinces in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. The leading fruit and tree characteristics were determined in the shoot, leaf and fruit samples collected from 22 genotypes.

Doç. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya
Olive Academy

These genotypes are fruit weight, number of fruits per 100 g, meat/seed ratio, fat ratio, fatty acid composition, habitus, lentil size, Decubitus length, etc. it has been researched in terms of. Twenty-two promising genotypes were selected as variety candidates and their genetic characterization was performed. 22 selected olives ( Olea europaea L.) 6 domestic and 4 foreign reference varieties with genotype were genetically identified using 10 micro satellite markers ((UDO4, UDO9, UDO12, UDO24, UDO26, DCA9, DCA11, DCA13, DCA15, UDO 11) obtained from the Institute of Horticulture of the State, and using allele profiles at the genetic level. In the SSR analysis, 10 microstellite markers were determined, as well as intergenetic similarities. Allele sizes were determined using the Beckman CEQ 8800 automatic part analyzer at each locus, as well as the allele quantity, expected and observed heterozygosity, and the probability of specification were evaluated. The results obtained were evaluated at the dendogram level.


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