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MİLLİYET "It can be sold for up to 100 Euros per liter." Antalya olive oil for healing purposes

In the press
Working in collaboration with AATB, Assoc. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya stated that olives have existed in Anatolian lands for 6 thousand years. Noting that Antalya is an important olive and olive oil center with its unique products, Özkaya explained that they carried out this project to evaluate in more detail the minor components, also called health components, of the products specific to the region.


Assoc. Prof. stated that the superior properties of the 'Rabbit Heart' olive oil from the Antalya region were evaluated as a result of the analysis. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya said, “It was estimated that the oleocanthal (minor components) level in this olive oil may be higher than other varieties. We obtained olive oil by collecting olives from different regions and gardens from Döşemealtı to Manavgat. "We will have these products analyzed in the laboratory of the University of Cordoba in Spain and reveal the oleocanthal level," he said. Stating that the olive oil obtained from these products can be used as a food supplement if the polyphenol content is high, Associate Professor Özkaya said that the liter of these products can be sold for up to 100 Euros. he stated.


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