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HÜRRİYET / Elvan Uysal Bottoni "The earliest harvest"

I had mentioned that we had held a series of seminars in Antep, Kilis and Nizip with Maurizio Servili, professor at the Department of Food Technologies at the University of Perugia, specialising in quality olive oil production technologies. In Nizip, in response to the question "where is the technology going?" from producers, Servili talked about a research in which they extracted polyphenols from blackwater. Phenols are molecules found in all fruits and vegetables and medically proven to have very serious health benefits. They are also very intense in olives. Prof. Mücahit Taha Özkaya from Ankara University is a scientist who has carried out valuable research on olives and olive oil in Turkey, and who tirelessly explains the contribution of polyphenols to human health and encourages producers to produce quality products. As far as I have noticed, Mücahit Hoca now calls this kind of oil "polyphenol oil" instead of olive oil.


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