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Construction stages of Ankara University Hybrid Fully Automatic Climate Control Cabins...

The time from seed germination to the first flowering of trees is an obstacle for studies of reproductive biology and genetic inheritance and a serious limitation for traditional breeding programs. In this context, the main goal of Gen4.Olive is to overcome this limitation. Dr. Mehmet Ulaş, Dr. Unal Kaya

Prof. Dr. Mücahit Taha Özkaya, Prof. Dr. With the active work of Köksal Demir, this project implementation has been completed, and the study result evaluations are still continuing.

Ankara University, one of our Gen4 Olive partners, plays a key role as it implements an integrated and innovative growth evaluation system to identify the best protocols for shortening the juvenile phase of trees and to understand the effects of different environmental parameters on the olive growing process.

Within the scope of this task, the university has developed three different “Hybrid Fully Automatic Climate Controlled” to develop new techniques to accelerate the cultivation process by shortening the juvenile phase of olive cultivation by using uninterruptible power supply from solar energy, reverse osmosis water purification system and dosing and EC (Electrical conductivity) - pH control systems. Cabin” (Hybrid-FAC) pilot prototype (at ORI facilities).

The aim of the Hybrid-FAC Experimental prototypes is to observe the effects of different environmental parameters such as humidity, CO2 and lighting on olive cultivation and stimulation of rapid growth. Thanks to these cabinets, observations and experiments are carried out with minimum cost and maximum efficiency.


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